Keepers Universe

I have been a Superman/DC Comics fan as long as I can remember, but I always felt something crucial is missing. So in March of 2016, I came up with the prototypes of the Keepers characters. Naturally, these characters evolved and have been more and more developed over time. Cambodia's Cosmo, his real identity being Makara Soun, used to be Tennessee's Jay Moore. Poppy Bouchard/Wingspan used to be Maggie Simon/Dove, and Chausiku Otieno/Shadelock from Kenya used to be Husinya Karim/Quora from Algeria. But you can see a pattern here. Globality and international relevance and inclusiveness are very important to this series. Diversity. The world should not be saved or defended by an all-American team or mostly American team. Think of all the nations and cultures out there. And so the original lineup of six (Wingspan, Shadelock, Blaze, Glaze, Cosmo, and Ambassador) are from every continent—North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania, respectively. Glaze does represent Antarctica, having worked and lived there for a while. 


These heroes will face political threats and social issues, and they will take sides in our great debates. But also, obviously, they will defend us from threats both alien and human. It is my goal to transform the genre and inject a bit more humanity, a bit more globality to it. I take pride in including Australian Aboriginal, trans, and minority characters and all other groups as well. It's not tokenism, as these characters have arcs and have moments to shine, like any other character has a moment to shine. 


I am eternally grateful for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster not only for kick-starting the superhero genre as we know it but also for creating my idol, my hero, and my favorite character of all time, not just my favorite superhero. It doesn't get any better than Superman, in my opinion. He's still, after 80 years, the gold standard. 


The Keepers Universe features over 20 heroes from 21 countries, and like DC and Marvel, I do plan on expanding and doing reboots. I would like to go into other mediums as well eventually. 



Volume One: United Front was released in February of 2018, and as the first installment of the series, it introduces each hero in a solo adventure and then unites them in the battle against the pawns of a villain known and feared across the universe. The storyline started here is continued and dragged on until the end of the third volume. This serves as the foundation of the Keepers Universe, and it is still the gold standard among all the installments. Visit to add it to your cart for $5.99! 


Volume Two: Battle of Clones was released in May of 2018 as the second installment of the series. It introduces new heroes (including but not limited to Sunray and Green Scorpion), and as individual character arcs are furthered, there are new quarrels with big bad Endo, and U.S. Senator Rex Booker has something outlandish up his sleeve. Visit to add it to your cart for $5.99! 



Volume Three: Darkness on Earth was released in July of 2018 as the third installment and final installment of the series. The biggest bad in the universe will come to Earth to face what he started. There will be war, and there will be revolutions. The wider multiverse will be explored, heroes will clash, legends will die, and legacies will be tested.