My Books

I self-publish with I prefer the freedom of designing my own covers and doing my own editing over being ripped off by publishers and having to compromise my style. I write in all genres. It is no scam, for books arrive in a timely manner and in good quality. Lulu keeps its share of the profit, but I retain the vast majority of it, and that is only fair, for they are the actual producers of the books. 


Hope Arising

Released: 14 February, 2017

Synopsis: Sophie Adkins leads a revolution against a government that has outlawed happiness.

Word Count: 16,775

Genre: Dystopian

Price: $3.00

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A Nation's Descent

Released: 1 August, 2017

Synopsis: As the United States crumbles apart, newly elected President Adam Cooke tries to save it. Will he and his allies succeed? 

Word Count: About 83,200

Genre: War/Political Thriller

Price: $16.99

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The Keepers Vol. 1: United Front

Released: 10 February, 2018

Synopsis: Protectors from around the globe unite to defend the world from the pawns of a villain known and feared across the universe.

Word Count: About 65,500

Genre: Superhero

Price: $6.50

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I am currently working on quite a few unique book projects, including a fantasy series, alternate history books, dystopian projects, a shared universe of superhero tales, and more. They will be released one by one over the course of the next decade or two.