A European Upbringing

I was born on 3 January, 2000 in Landstuhl, Germany, on a US military installation. I was born with the surname Drozd. For six years I lived there, followed by a brief period in Killeen, Texas, where I attended kindergarden. I returned to Germany to live with my grandparents in Konstanz while my mother and the man who would become her new husband were deployed to Iraq. 


I will never forget my time in Konstanz. The people I met, the experiences I had. I did in fact go to German public school for two years. My closest and oldest friends reside in the region, and to this day I am still in touch with them. When my mom and her new husband returned, at which point I took on a new surname, Williams. We lived near Heidelberg for a year, where I attended the fourth grade in an American school. We moved to Nauheim then, where we were for two years. I would attend the fifth and sixth grade in Wiesbaden. American schools sponsored by the military, again. 



On To Texas

Then came the move back to Texas in 2012, this time to Georgetown, where I would attend the seventh grade to my graduation of high school, which came a semester early. I only spent three actual years in the classroom, and the final semester was all done online. These years were a mixed bag in so many ways. Like every life, mine had ups and downs. But the ups were really high, and I'm grateful for that. It was here that I met Jacob McCartney (check him out at jacobmccartney.com). We worked together, grew together, and developed various things together, and while we've gone down different paths in terms of our career goals, our values, and so on, I believe we've come to an understanding between each other, and I very much recommend you check him out as you've checked me out, even if we do disagree on various things. There is simply no way to discuss my years in Georgetown without mentioning him.  



The Political Arena

The 2016 election came, and my political interests were massively reignited. I was rooting for Barack Obama in the 2012 election, a time when I was still quite ignorant and had not truly and fully developed my views. I casually supported Rand Paul and Lincoln Chafee during the primaries. Then I turned to Martin O'Malley and with some indifference whether Kasich or Christie would end up winning or not. I was following personalities more than I was following issues, and I only had a very loose philosophy. I was center-left at the time. Then I awoke and wholeheartedly supported Bernie Sanders of Vermont, attending a rally of his in February of 2016. I will never forget that day. Cold, standing for hours, but worth it in every way. 


The DNC betrayed Senator Sanders, and he fell in line to support Hillary Clinton. That was not something I could support. I did research and some reflecting to find myself. I supported the Green Party and their ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. In October of that year, I attended a speech of Jill Stein's in Austin. With my mom and some friends, we snuck to the press meet after the speech. I had the privilege to meet and converse with her months later at the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool, which was in early May of 2017. As time passed and I did more and more reading, I went farther and farther left, and I fully came to terms with that, embracing my genuine, radical self. 



New Worlds

There is considerably more story detail than what I am sharing, but I was quite truly creating new worlds when I was 14/15. Among them was a conlang by the name of Defiant (which I have revived and renamed Radiant, and I will soon release a manifesto and handbook for it), a team sport by the name of Legendorb (which I too revived and renamed Tri-Orb), and many other things. What separates Tri-Orb from essentially every sport I can think of is that it is three teams, not two, playing against one another. One might think it convoluted or crowded, but the amount of players is about the same as soccer, and the game itself borrows elements from various sports while also being quite unique in its own right. 


It was imaginative then but by today's standards stupid that I attempted to create new government systems back when I did not know what I was talking about, that I began outlining religions and even began writing their sacred texts, and so on. There are quite a few other elements I have not touched on, and while most of it cannot be used anymore, I have managed to salvage some key elements and rework them.



Authorship & Journalism

Also, I've been writing for years, and I started self-publishing in February of 2017, the first book (a short novella, really) being titled Hope Arising, and the second, one I've devoted four years of my life to, a political thriller by the name of A Nation's Descent. If you're interested in my work, I'd appreciate it if you visited the Bookstore page on this site or searched for me on Lulu.com. I am working on quite a few projects; The Keepers is just a fraction. And anyone that truly knows me and knows me well is that I am a massive fan of DC Comics, particularly Superman, a hero I've adored and looked up to as long as I can remember.


In 2016 and 2017, I experimented with journalistic endeavors. First came The Ecosocialist, an online paper. I wrote three or so articles before I gave up. Next came a YouTube talk show titled Green Future. I must have done about twenty or twenty-five episodes. I interviewed former Green primary presidential candidate Kent Mesplay, Green Senate candidate Margaret Flowers for Maryland, and Socialist Party USA presidential candidate Mimi Soltysik. The episodes are offline now and still in my possession. I was highly inexperienced, and there were quite a few technological glitches as well. Oddly, my entire system and internet connection would crash in a way they never have before several times and in all of these interviews. The most recent endeavor was an online magazine, Liberation Weekly. A social media friend and I compiled two editions before giving up on that as well. In February, I launched a web series, Liberate TV!, but I yet again lost the enthusiasm necessary to continue. 



Finding Myself

In April or May of 2017, sometime in that time period, I watched Spike Lee and Denzel Washington's Malcolm X movie for the first time, and I loved it so much I had no choice but to read the Autobiography, which had quite an impact on me. Malcolm's story has certain similarities to my own, and it spoke to me. His struggle spoke to me, his viewpoints aligned with mine, and he had quite a bit to teach. My, what more he could have taught us if he hadn't been taken from us so soon.


As time went on and I read more and more literature on the topic of civil rights and socialism vs. capitalism, etc., I began to find myself. I developed a passion for the ways of the Black Panther Party, and while no single organization or party is home for me, they have indeed inspired me, and I'd very much like to help carry their torch. As these developments took shape, that alienated me from many of my peers (who disagreed and provoked fights), but I also found new comrades and friends who shall join me in the fight. 


Some other milestones in 2018 were: turning 18, taking an ancestry test through 23andMe, meeting an entire side of my family that has been unknown to me for the first time, my rejuvenated commitment to authorship, and a concrete formation of my political and social ideology (which may very well change again in the future, but as it stands now, it's concrete.) 


Another development in May 2017 was a diagnosis for Asperger's. It comes with ups and downs. It explains both my intense creativity and a thought process that seems unorthodox to others, as well as an inability to read certain social cues and connect with people a hundred percent of the time. I come across in ways I do not mean to. But I have embraced this part of me and have also learned some additional skills in how to interact with people. 



Traveling the Globe

I've also been blessed with frequent travel opportunities. Before I turned 18, I had visited 19 countries, and by the time I die, I would like to have visited every country on the globe. An ambitious goal, but the world is so amazing, and the individual and unique cultures are so beautiful and rich that it's foolish, to me at least, to not want to interact with them and see more than just your hometown and the places in its vicinity. We live only so long. Let us make the absolute best of it. 


Below are some pictures of my childhood and my travels. Many places are missing, as I either did not have the sense to take pictures, the pictures are not of good quality, or I am having a hard time finding them.